Red Bus Tour – Cape Town


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Best option when you want to do some sightseeing in Cape Town, unless you have a personal guide, is the …

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Lions Head Mountain Hike


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So I like to say that I am adventurous.. that is kind of the point of this whole blog. A new adventure every day right?! Well that definitely happened last night. When I thought of taking a hike up Lions Head Mountain (in Cape Town, South Africa) I thought it was just a nice trail that circles around the mountain a few times… I was partially right. Besides the fact that the entire first half of the hike was up hill and circular… my idea of this hike was completely off base. Half way up you have to start climbing ladders and rocks… not ideal for someone with a fear of heights. This hike has to be one of the most nerve racking things that I have ever done, almost didn’t think I would make it. Having to face my fear of heights, the lack of visibility, and the fact that the trail wasn’t exactly made for short people was difficult but amazing! The entire mountain was covered in a cloud of mist, but when you got a chance to look down (something I sadly seldom did) the view was beyond beautiful. Getting a chance to see the entire Cape Town from Camps Bay to Waterfront was breathtaking. An experience that if you are allowed the opportunity I would highly recommend.

Cape Town Wine Tours


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Cape Town has some of the most amazing wineries that I have ever seen! What can be better than amazing wine, the Wine Passport that they offer. For only 100 rand you can visit 14 different wineries and distilleries throughout the Cape, that’s wine tastings, brandy tastings and tours included. Amazing deal! Some of my favorites- Clos Malvern, Fairview, JC Le Roux, Kanu and Spice Route.

First week..

So its been a week so far that I have been in Cape Town and its been amazing. Got to spend my first birthday in South Africa in over 15 years, and it was wonderful! Got to finally learn how to “Sokkie,” the South African version of two-stepping. It was so much fun, and I was lucky enough to have an amazing cousin that taught me how. Have the chance to spend so much time with my cousins has been great, and just getting the chance to actually get to know each of them is just so much fun! Its been a bit different not having a car to drive around and having to rely on others has been a bit different. Hoping to be able to get a car for the rest of the trip :).

Stellenbosh is such a beautiful city and I have to say that all of the people here have been nothing but overwhelmingly nice and helpful. But I cant forget the food, something I have definitely missed!! I cant wait to spend more time here to get to know the town and the people here more :).

A Start to a Wonderful Adventure…


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So its been officially 18 hours since I left US soil and so far its been a ride :), both good and bad! If there is one thing that I am certain of, I am hopelessly in love with PARIS <3! I only got to spend a half a day in Paris this

time but after taking way too many pictures of the Arc de Triomphe its officially my new goal to move here for a while, its just so breathtaking every time I’m here. I have to say I haven’t had so many strange things happen to me in such a small amount of time anywhere before today; from a strange man insistently asking me if it was okay for him to kiss my feet, to the old creeper that stole my phone from the security basket at the airport. But that’s all fine with me because I had a change to go and stroll down the Champs Elysee and see both the Arc de Triomphe and the Eiffel tower at the same time, a much better plan than spending my layover stuck at the airport doing nothing.

All in all this has been a wonderful start to my fun little three month adventure away from home, I cant wait to see my grandparents and the rest of my family tomorrow morning :)! The only think left before that is my fun 11 and a half hour flight from Paris to Cape Town. I cant help but mention that I am reluctantly leaving Paris and definitely coming back as soon as possible! Keep checking back, I plan on posting pictures and little blurbs about my trip everyday (as long as I can find internet that day)! 🙂


A Colorful Adventure


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So I’ve had the chance to work with lots of flowers lately and well found out something great. The best way to bring the feel of summer into your home, is to bring flowers in. Take them from your garden or just buy some cheap ones at the market, either way you’ll feel the difference once you start walking by them daily. It brings a sense of nature into your home, and if you tend to get more colorful flowers such as orchids and sunflowers you bring in a sense of adventure and fun.

St. Regis Monarch Beach Bridal Show


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Over the weekend I had the pleasure of attending and working at the Saint Regis of Monarch Beach Premier Bridal Show. With a combination of different vendors, coordinators and fashion designers, the event was a spectacular success. I was able to take a few pictures of event, hope you enjoy!